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Report of Corrupt Practices against Ogun State Permanent Secretary Ministry of Works and Infrastructure

Good day sir: Further to our emails below, we write, again, to demand an update (as per your promise in your email below), on the matter of your investigation of the matter reported herein. In addition to the information earlier provided (see email below), the accused reported here has also recently (2017) built and completed a full-fledged private school, capable of housing from Creche, Nursery, Primary, JSS and SSS.  The schools are called Little Tees Private School and Top Tees.  Both schools were registered with Corporate Affairs Commission on October 25th, 2017, with the address at No 7, Adigbe-Obada Road, Opako, Abeokuta, Ogun State.  This is the location where the massive complex with number of buildings were erected, and it is currently the "talk of the town" all over Abeokuta. Again, I look forward to receiving the update from you, before we are forced to have to report this matter to other stakeholders. Thank you. On ‎Thursday‎, ‎August‎ ‎10‎, ‎2017‎ ‎08‎:‎03‎:‎06‎ ‎PM‎ ‎MDT, Wonder Land28 <> wrote: Good day sir: I sent a request for update on this matter a few weeks ago.  I did not receive even an acknowledgement, not to talk of of being given any update. It is my hope, for the sake of Nigeria and the current APC/PMB government that the information reaching us in respect of the Honourable Minister of Finance (whose Ministry is in charge of the Whistle-Blowing program) trying to meddle in/subvert the investigation of this case because of her personal/past relationship with the Ogun State government and the Principals against whom allegations were made, is not true.  If indeed the subversion attempt is true, the Honourable Minister would be counselled to cease and desist, as her unwholesome /unholy intervention can only bring her into disrepute if and when the details become more publicly known. Regards.. On Wednesday, July 26, 2017 9:55 PM, Wonder Land28 <> wrote: Good day: It has been more than 5 months since your last communication. I am wondering if there is any update on the investigation of the matter reported therein. Thank you. On Wednesday, February 15, 2017 7:20 AM, Oladimeji Olufemi <> wrote: Good day, your tip have been received. We shall investigate and keep you updated. Thank you​ Oladimeji Olufemi, PMP Presidential Initiative on Continuous Audit (PICA) Budget Block, Federal Ministry of Finance Ahmadu Bello Way, CBD Abuja. 08030412830, 09096804831 From: <> Sent: 15 February 2017 15:17 To: Whistle Subject: Report of Corrupt Practices against Ogun State Permanent Secretary Ministry of Works and Infrastructure     Dear Sir: The above matter refers. The Permanent Secretary at Ogun State Ministry of Works and Infrastructures, Mr. Kayode Ademolake is the subject of this complaint of engaging in corrupt practices, and using his current  position in Ogun State government and his closeness with Governor Ibikunle Amosun, to unjustly enrich himself. Prior to becoming a Permanent Secretary in the year 2012, Mr. Ademolake had only 2 houses, one where he was residing in Onikolobo area of Abeokuta, and the other, which he was renting out in Agbado-Ijaiye, in Lagos. Since becoming Permanent Secretary, Mr. Ademolake is known to have rapidly accumulated tangible properties, including (but not limited to) the following: Storey building completed in 2012 at Asero, Abeokuta Storey building, completed in 2013, at Olokemeji, Abeokuta, where he now lives 2 sets of Storey buildings, completed in 2014, at Lekki Phase II, Ajah, Lagos 2 sets of Storey buildings, completed in 2015, at Presidential (Osoba) Hilltop, Abeokuta Commercial building (shops etc), at Dopemu area, Lagos, completed in 2015 Office/workshop complex and equipment yard, at Adigbe area, Abeokuta, completed in 2016 Sponsoring 2 sons at universities in Ghana, since 2014 Bought at least 5 luxury cars for himself and his 2 wives Mr Ademolake regularly demands and obtain bribes/kick-backs from road contractors carrying out government road projects through his office.  In addition, he also uses his wives, as front, to award inflated contracts from his ministry to himself and his immediate family members.  His practice of greed is so much in the open and common knowledge now that even the lowest level staff in his ministry can tell you a lot of story about him. Added to all of the above is his personally being occasionally awarded highly-inflated road repair and maintenance contracts from Ogun-Oshun River Basin Development Authority, through a scheme that sees him paying, in the order of 30% or higher, of the contract sum, as bribe/kick-back to those awarding him the contract.  As a result, and to maximize profit, very shoddy/poor-quality work would be carried out and those who were supposed to oversee the contracts would be mute, obviously because they have been compromised/settled.

Demand for Bribe

It was at Alimosho LGA, Ikotun Lagos. I went there to register for voter's card. I was told by one of security guys that, i will have to come as early as 4 AM to write my name. Another alternative which is faster is to SETTLE someone inside and i will do my registration immediately. Kindly do your investigation in order to bring the culprits to book. Thanks. God bless Nigeria. Concerned Nigerian.

International Passport Settle before Collection

I was requested to pay 8000 naira to have my international passport processed at the NIS office after already making payment online.

International Passport Settle before Collection

I was requested to pay 8000 naira to have my international passport processed at the NIS office after already making payment online.

extortion of the highest order

People around Oshodi and Isolo where a policeman Yusuf Dasoye operates has always suspected him to be on an illegal duty. His method is to storm a particular bus-stop ccommando-style and starts arresting commercial bus drivers. He works with a team of 5 policemen, 5 touts and at least 2 Lastma officials. Once a driver is arrested, he's forced to discharge his passengers and thereafter taken to a secret location for extortion ranging from #15,000 to #20,000. On tuesday, 17 October 2017 he led his team to a bus-stop at Oshodi around 9am and commenced business. He had already arrested 3 vehicles and ordered them driven to his base when a team of police monitoring group arrived. On sighting them, Yusuf was the first to escape. His assistant, Shadare O. a lasting official followed suit. The other members fled in different directions. Only 2 elderly policemen who could not run faster enough were caught by the monitoring team. It was unfortunate Yusuf and Shadare escaped. They were the ringleader of the extortion gang. They have been operating for long. I believe the long arms of the law will catch up with them soonest. Alawe Awe,

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