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I applied in January 2018 for a visa clearance certificate from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Port Harcourt office to process my visa application to Malaysia for a professional course where i met the section officers (one male and one female) and was given a list of requirements one of which is to being two guarantors which I painstakingly met. All of a sudden, on meeting these requirements and paying the mandatory N10,000 fee at the bank i was "told" to pay N25,000 for "processing" failure of which my application will not be processed. I demanded a reason for this bribe and the lady asked me if "she will use her salary to process my application" I had to pay this bribe with much frustration on seeing the obstacle this woman and her subordinate posed to my chances for career development. I just can't understand why government officials are so greedy and wicked in this part of the world. Posing an obstacle at every turn to Nigerians. I'm just tired of this country! It is imperative this so-called visa clearance certificate is discontinued as it means nothing in reality. It won't dissuade nor stop hardened drug barons from ferrying their deadly cargo across. This just provides an opportunity for unmotivated, underpaid and underworked government officials to perpetuate their cycle of extortion and fraud to the detriment of hardworking and genuine citzens. Thank you.

Police Extortion over reported burglary case

It was in 2015 when thieves burgled my house and carted away valuable items.I was advised to report to the nearest police station and that I did. To my greatest amazement, the officer assigned to the case kept demanding one thing or the other. From transport fare to photographer's fees of pictures I never saw and others. Eventually I got frustrated and quietly forgot about the matter.

Estortion of Commercial Vehicles by Police Officers

This is not about when and who, it seems to be they are all culprits all the time. Despite rotation of the Officers that mount Road Block on Daily Basis along Shika - Samaru Road. Though, I met a lot of honorable and distinguished police officers, very committed and hardworking, trying their best to change the old perception people had of police. However, there are particular police officers that for the last four months stationed themselves at Shika, immediately after Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital every evening. They turn the place into Business Center. So long as you are on commercial vehicle or motor cycle u must be stopped and unless the driver decide to give them money, that is how they will continue to waste your time for as long as you pay. I call the police care toll line to complain on several occasions but no one is responding. This is a call to Nigeria Police Force to call them to order and a call to Nigeria Government that Eradicating Corruption in police force requires setting an average standard for the men live and providing them with enough and sufficient prerequisite to do the Job. Nigeria Will be grate.

Police men tax me after showing them clear prove.

It happened on thursday 14th December 2017 when i went to visit my sister at Badagry Lagos State Nigeria, I carried my Laptop, one shirt etc in a bag i carried along with me, And i was coming from Lekki in a commercial bus, When the bus i took from CMS stopped me at Mile2 Bus-Stop i came down, Then immediately i saw a police men that called me ''My friend come here, I came, He then said what do you have inside that bag?.I responded is my Laptop and other of my belongings, He then said were is the receipt that can prove that is your own, I then answered and said Sir i can't be carrying my receipt everywhere i go. but i have prove inside the laptop that can prove that is my, He carry my laptop and cease it for 20mins, And i was begging Him to open it let me show him the prove so that he can let me go because my journey is still far but He refuse, His colleague saw the way i was begging this man he then called me and ask the issue and i explained to Him so he bring the laptop and open it i start showing him some of my certificate and IDs which i scanned as photos and most of my photos also. He said it's okay but i still need to comply so that they can let me go but i told them i only have my transport fair but they insist to release my laptop, I now called the other police man and ask him to help and talk to his colleague so he told me to bring one thousand naira, But i don't have enough so i pleaded for five hundred so they release my laptop after 45mins''.. This police men are Tunde Adiola and Isong Jeremiah. At Mile 2 But-stop Lagos.

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i saw a road safety with my eyes collecting bribe

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