Admission Scandal In SHT Jahun.
Education | Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC))
Reported on 2/2/2018 from Jigawa, Anonymous Reporter

I want to call the attention of this great organization to investigate into the students admission s...Read more

Estortion of Commercial Vehicles by Police Officers
Reported on 12/19/2017 from Kaduna, Anonymous Reporter

This is not about when and who, it seems to be they are all culprits all the time. Despite rotation ...Read more

Police men tax me after showing them clear prove.
Commercial Tax, Sales Tax, VAT | Nigeria Police Force (NPF)
Reported on Thu Dec 14 2017 from Lagos, Anonymous Reporter

It happened on thursday 14th December 2017 when i went to visit my sister at Badagry Lagos State Nig...Read more

police officer collected the said amount from me
Police | Nigeria Police Force (NPF)
Reported on Thu Aug 16 2018 from Lagos, Anonymous Reporter

police officer at Seme police collected bride of 10,000 naira to help me recover money owed me by so...Read more

Road Safety Officer Demanded a Bribe
Police | Reported on Fri May 05 2017 from Abia, Anonymous Reporter

An officer in a yellow uniform and red hat stood in front of my car while I was stuck in traffic on ...Read more

Police Extortion over reported burglary case
Police | Nigeria Police Force (NPF)
Reported on Wed Jun 15 2016 from Niger, Anjorin Adeyemi Reporter

It was in 2015 when thieves burgled my house and carted away valuable items.I was advised to report ...Read more

Demand for Bribe
Public Services | Reported on Fri Nov 10 2017 from Lagos, Anonymous Reporter

It was at Alimosho LGA, Ikotun Lagos. I went there to register for voter's card. I was told by one o...Read more

Corruption in federal ministry of youth and sports
Others | Independent and Corrupt Practices and Related Offenses Commission (ICPC)
Reported on Fri Sep 22 2017 from Federal Capital Territory, Anonymous Reporter

the director of procurement of federal ministry of youth and sports is presently collecting 15 perce...Read more

Airports | Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS)
Reported on Thu Mar 08 2018 from Sokoto, Anonymous Reporter

tebhyte...Read more

Public Services | Department of State Services (DSS)
Reported on Tue Sep 27 2016 from Rivers, Emmanuel O. Ejoh Reporter

1st March, 2018 Transparency International, AIT Moabil 96, 10559 Berlin, Germany. Dear Counse...Read more

Police woman from Ikotun police station assaulting a citizen because of 50 naira bribe
Transport | Nigeria Police Force (NPF)
Reported on from Lagos, Anonymous Reporter Shows video of a poli...Read more

Police | Nigeria Police Force (NPF)
Reported on 24-07-2017 from Lagos, Anonymous Reporter

i was at Alapere police station to get police report for insurance claim processing with regards to ...Read more

Danfo Conductor Dasing Police
Police | Nigeria Police Force (NPF)
Reported on from Ogun, Anonymous Reporter

At a checkpoint the police stopped our danfo and asked to see all the papers. The conductor jumped o...Read more

Grand Corruption in the Rivers State Government
Others | Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC))
Reported on from Rivers, Anonymous Reporter

Let's be breif and straight to the point. It's sickening to see the Rivers State Government steal fr...Read more

extortion of the highest order
Police | Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS)
Reported on 18-10-2017 from Lagos, Anonymous Reporter

People around Oshodi and Isolo where a policeman Yusuf Dasoye operates has always suspected him to b...Read more

Others | Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)
Reported on Mon Jul 03 2017 from Plateau, Anonymous Reporter

Federal road safety corp along bauchi bye pass Jos. Collected 1000 because I'm using a temporary dri...Read more

Reported on Thu Sep 27 2018 from Imo, Anonymous Reporter

...Read more

Police Officer assaulted a pasenger on Ayetoro/Igoora Expressway, Abeokuta
Transport | Nigeria Police Force (NPF)
Reported on Thu Jul 20 2017 from Ogun, Anonymous Reporter

A Police Officer assaulted a passenger by slapping him because the driver of the vehicle was carryin...Read more

<bribe in kani>
Reported on 12/3/2017 from Kano, Anonymous Reporter

i saw a road safety with my eyes collecting bribe...Read more

International Passport Settle before Collection
Reported on Fri Nov 03 2017 from Rivers, Anonymous Reporter

I was requested to pay 8000 naira to have my international passport processed at the NIS office afte...Read more