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The Report a Bribe function allows you to report an interaction that resulted in your either being asked to pay a bribe or actually paying a bribe. The reports can be anonymous or you can submit the report with your name and contact information. This site is only a place to gather reports about instances of bribery and is not at all connected with law enforcement. There will not be any legal ramifications for officers who have been reported on this site as it is only a platform for collecting stories about instances of corruption in Nigeria.

Retail corruption is the kind of corruption that confronts ordinary citizens in their daily lives when they're not able to avail services they are legitimately entitled to from the government. For example, when someone asks you to pay “extra” you go to get a driver's license, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, or when you are renting property, registering purchase of property, or common interactions with law enforcement. This “extra” cost is corruption and you shouldn’t be required to pay anything over the publicized fees associated with the service.