• 7 months ago

PHCN Corruption

Reported on Thu Jul 13 2017 from Lagos, Anonymous Reporter

I live in a flat in Festac town. And our PHCN meter less bills have been increasing over the months without reason or explanation. March April bill was 7k and April May bills went up to 11 k. Subsequently, June bill was 17k. But to our great surprise, July bill is an outstanding 35k which is twice of Junes' bill. Please I do hope this website is not for data collection purposes alone because we have no where else to run to. Everyone in my neighborhood is in shock and are hleples. PLEASE HELP US BECAUSE THIS IS DAYLIGHT RAPE OF PEACE LOVING PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY!!! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS! 0037627666 - phone and watsapp number


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