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Bureau of Immigration | Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS)
Reported on Tue May 02 2017 from Ogun, DaveOguns Reporter

A few weeks ago,I attempted crossing from Nigeria to Benin through the Idi-Iroko border.I had been told that I could cross without using my passport which I declined because I was looking forward to getting my passport stamped for the first time but to my surprise I was told that despite the fact that am carrying a valid Nigerian passport,I will have to pay about 6,000 to stamp it.I asked if that was an official price but the immigration officer (Henry by name,Tel : 08038128394) who happens to be wearing a MP badge said it is a no-receipt fee that must be paid because am carry a virgin passport. His definition for a virgin passport was that even if I have used my passport to get in and out of Nigeria via other borders other than this particular one,it is a virgin passport.After much plea yielding no positive result I was forced to pay 500 Naira because he already collected our passport.To cut the long story short,after trekking a few meters I had to pay a shameful amount of 200 Naira for me and my accompany person to health officials,also paid another 200 Naira to Benin Republic immigration officers. I was actually expected to pay another fee while coming back because it was a different route but I had to be smart and stubborn to pass the same route I used while coming because if I had to pay an extra 50 Naira, I will have to trek some part of my journey home. It was a pathetic experience because I compromised my values.I now know why the the likes of the Sawyer (EBOLA patient) could get into Nigeria and why it is easy smuggle arms into the country. This story did not include what how some other immigration officers collected money from some foreigners with whom we were travelling from Sango to Idi-Iroko and how a two officers of the Ogun state Liaison office located in Ikeja GRA requested for extra pay apart from the approved 2000 Naira for state of origin certificate. I hope all these could be addressed. God bless Nigeria


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