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Men of Nigeria Customs leveraging stoppage of payment of duties on old vehicles to fleece Nigerians

Customs, Excise and Service Tax | Nigeria Customs Service (NCS)
Reported on Tue May 30 2017 from Oyo, Anonymous Reporter

On 30 May 2017, men of Nigerian Customs (purportedly Team C - none had their name tag on), Oyo/Osun command impounded a car I bought from someone who has used it in Nigeria for two years on the basis that the duty paper was fake. I was asked to pay a bribe of N2m or lose the car because according to them: - the car is worth 7m - I won't be allowed to pay the duty because the portal for paying duty on such cars was closed the previous week. The said car - a Mercedes Benz 2008 model is still with them since I refused to negotiate the N2m bribe with them. No one is giving me the opportunity to pay the duty.


Meghan Luckett - 1 year ago

This is outrageous and we are very thankful for you voicing this matter. Please lodge a formal complaint with the police for this extortion and theft as customs officers have essentially stolen your vehicle. Go to http://npf.gov.ng/complaint/ to lodge a formal complaint!


Thank you, Meghan. Is the link you provided not just for cases pertaining to the men of NPF? I will do just that all the same. No harm in trying. Thanks for this.


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