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extortion of the highest order

Police | Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS)
Reported on 18-10-2017 from Lagos, Anonymous Reporter

People around Oshodi and Isolo where a policeman Yusuf Dasoye operates has always suspected him to be on an illegal duty. His method is to storm a particular bus-stop ccommando-style and starts arresting commercial bus drivers. He works with a team of 5 policemen, 5 touts and at least 2 Lastma officials. Once a driver is arrested, he's forced to discharge his passengers and thereafter taken to a secret location for extortion ranging from #15,000 to #20,000. On tuesday, 17 October 2017 he led his team to a bus-stop at Oshodi around 9am and commenced business. He had already arrested 3 vehicles and ordered them driven to his base when a team of police monitoring group arrived. On sighting them, Yusuf was the first to escape. His assistant, Shadare O. a lasting official followed suit. The other members fled in different directions. Only 2 elderly policemen who could not run faster enough were caught by the monitoring team. It was unfortunate Yusuf and Shadare escaped. They were the ringleader of the extortion gang. They have been operating for long. I believe the long arms of the law will catch up with them soonest. Alawe Awe, Roadusersadvocacygroup@gmail.com




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