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Estortion of Commercial Vehicles by Police Officers

Reported on 12/19/2017 from Kaduna, Anonymous Reporter

This is not about when and who, it seems to be they are all culprits all the time. Despite rotation of the Officers that mount Road Block on Daily Basis along Shika - Samaru Road. Though, I met a lot of honorable and distinguished police officers, very committed and hardworking, trying their best to change the old perception people had of police. However, there are particular police officers that for the last four months stationed themselves at Shika, immediately after Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital every evening. They turn the place into Business Center. So long as you are on commercial vehicle or motor cycle u must be stopped and unless the driver decide to give them money, that is how they will continue to waste your time for as long as you pay. I call the police care toll line to complain on several occasions but no one is responding. This is a call to Nigeria Police Force to call them to order and a call to Nigeria Government that Eradicating Corruption in police force requires setting an average standard for the men live and providing them with enough and sufficient prerequisite to do the Job. Nigeria Will be grate.


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