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Food and Drug Administration | National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)
Reported on Thu Jan 18 2018 from Rivers, Anonymous Reporter

I applied in January 2018 for a visa clearance certificate from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Port Harcourt office to process my visa application to Malaysia for a professional course where i met the section officers (one male and one female) and was given a list of requirements one of which is to being two guarantors which I painstakingly met. All of a sudden, on meeting these requirements and paying the mandatory N10,000 fee at the bank i was "told" to pay N25,000 for "processing" failure of which my application will not be processed. I demanded a reason for this bribe and the lady asked me if "she will use her salary to process my application" I had to pay this bribe with much frustration on seeing the obstacle this woman and her subordinate posed to my chances for career development. I just can't understand why government officials are so greedy and wicked in this part of the world. Posing an obstacle at every turn to Nigerians. I'm just tired of this country! It is imperative this so-called visa clearance certificate is discontinued as it means nothing in reality. It won't dissuade nor stop hardened drug barons from ferrying their deadly cargo across. This just provides an opportunity for unmotivated, underpaid and underworked government officials to perpetuate their cycle of extortion and fraud to the detriment of hardworking and genuine citzens. Thank you.


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