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Reported on Tue Sep 27 2016 from Rivers, Emmanuel O. Ejoh Reporter

1st March, 2018 Transparency International, AIT Moabil 96, 10559 Berlin, Germany. Dear Counselor, IN THE MATTER OF GRAND CORRUPTION AGAINST THE RIVERS STATE GOVERNMENT My names are Emmanuel O. Ejoh, I am the managing director of Delta Property Development Company Limited(DEPCO), a british citizen by birth, but a Nigerian by nationality. I am deeply aggrieved with the level of brazenness with which Rivers State Government officials are demanding financial gratification from me for a simple task of releasing documents. My company, Delta Property Development Company Limited is the owner of a large expanse of land in the Port-Harcourt local government area, in which a massive estate called Golf Estate is built. Since 2014, the sum of #142b($718m in 2016) was paid and transferred to Dubai, via HSBC, Hong-Kong, in my name, purported to be the payment for my company’s Golf Estate land. However, since September 2016, the said sum arrived in UAE, the Access Bank and Rivers State Government(RSG), the sender have refused to release the Fund Transfer Documents to enable me access the said #142b($718m). The corrupt officials of Rivers State are brazenly demanding that I surrender the sum of #100b($330m) to them, before they can release the Fund Transfer Documents. When I tried a downward negotiation of the sum, I was told that the #100b is to finance the PDP presidential campaign for the 2019 elections. This was why a Rivers man, Uche Secondus, was made PDP National Chairman, because Wike convinced stakeholders(NWC) that the funding for the Presidential campaign would come from Rivers State, implying my money. The title Transfer Document which is to be signed and executed soon after I receive and acknowledge receipt of payment, has not been given to me. These same corrupt RSG officials have mischievously refused to resume construction of phases two and three of the Golf Estate design project, because they have resolved to share the undeveloped 80 hectares of Golf Estate land among themselves, instead of developing them. Golf Estate land measures a total of 118 hectares of land, out of which the developed phase one occupies 38 hectares, or 900 plots of land. This is why I am appealing to your highly credible anti-corruption organisation, Transparency International, An anti-corruption watch-dog, to come to my aid in persuading the head of the RSG, Mr Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, to order Access Bank or his state Ministry of Finance to release the Fund Transfer Documents to me, so that the funds can be accessible to me. Sir, I want to bring to your knowledge, that I was the mastermind or the brain-child behind Governor Nyesom Wike’s emergence as governor of Rivers State. Attached, is the election manifesto on which Governor Wike ran to emerge victorious in the 2015 gubernatorial election. Today, this same RSG that is persecuting me, is running on my policy proposals which they now christened or renamed The N.E.W Developmental Blueprint that has made Governor Wike the most popular governor in Nigeria today, collecting awards here and there, while deliberately denying me my rights over my legitimately earned income. It is this use and dump treacherous attitude of politicians, that is responsible for my not being in partisan politics today. Their unscr upulous, corrupt nature is something my late father, Chief(Hon.) Emmanuel Nnanta Ejoh, a former member, Federal House of Representatives(MHR), Port-Harcourt 1, between 1979 to 1983, will never be proud of, and I emulate his sense of dignity. From Governor Wike’s attitude to me, I am beginning to perceive a personal grudge, perhaps born out of jealousy towards my family’s success. I first noticed his bad intention towards me when he first became Local Government Chairman of Obio-Akpor local government area of Rivers State. The first thing he did, was to forcefully take possession of a field located next to former Finbank building on Ikwerre road, Rumuokwuta, Port-Harcourt. A field owned(first-in-time) by Ejohson International, but which was later donated for the building of a community school. Then Nyesom Wike forced his way into the land and started building a chain of shops around the land. Initially, we wanted to challenge the community for illegal conversion from the original purpose of the donation(which was not formalised), considering that our title over the said school field was now Statute Bared, and could therefore be retrieved on the said ground of illegal conversion from school field to a fully commercial business venture. On enquires, we discovered that it was not the community that was in breach, but that a private citizen, Mr Nyesom Wike had unilaterally trespassed on the said school field and converted it to a shopping arcade for his personal gain. Since he was in power as LGA chairman, we decided to let the sleeping dogs lie, knowing fully well our legal rights that “Whatever is on the land, belongs to the land” (Platato Solo Solo Sedi). Again, sometime in 2008, after Wike became Chief of Staff of Rivers State Government House, he went to Eagle Cement[Eastern Bulkcem Co. LTD] and acquired the remaining lease on Ejohville Estate, Rumuokwuta, owned by Ejohson International, one of my companies, without my knowledge, for the sum of #280m. True to his nature, he decided to cheat the young estate agents of their 5%(#14m) commission, giving them a paltry #4m, instead of the agreed #14m! The boys promptly reported the matter to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), who then raised the issue of Source of Funds to Nyesom Wike, because the said Wike, who was unemployed before becoming Local Government Chairman, and who has therefore worked in the public service all his life, and who could therefore not afford to own such a property, became a suspect of embezzlement of local government funds. A charge which was later confirmed when the EFCC used the copy of the #280m cheque to trace his Zenith Bank account where they found #5b! The EFCC then formerly charged Mr Nyesom Ezenwo Wike to court for embezzlement of local government funds. The corruption indictment is still subsisting in court till today. The Ejohville Estate is today unoccupied as it has been declared an exibit by the EFCC and the court. Still oblivious of Governor Wike’s jealous state of mind towards me, I approached him as the then Chief of Staff, Government House, to assist me get my payment for my government acquired land, which was acquired in the same 2008. Soon after, we took the German international Sun-City developers(Temme Bau gmbH), to seek government support in the development of same type of Estate, then named Beverley Hills Estate. I am beginning to think that the then Mr Wike may have instigated the then Governor Rotimi Amaechi to acquire my land, because the governor actually approved and dedicated a powerline from the Trans-Amadi Gas Turbine Power Plant, directly to Beverley Hills Estate, for a 24 hour power supply, but by the time, work had completed on the power supply, the estate had been acquired by the Rivers State Government, and renamed Golf Estate! At that time, we had submitted the full design of the Beverley Hills Estate to the government, through The Ministry of Lands. The then Mr Wike, now directed me to Barrister O.K Chinda, presently a member of the Federal House of Representative, to prepare a memorandum of understanding(MOU) to offer legal assistance in facilitating the payment of compensation for Beverley Hills Estate(now Golf Estate). After several meetings and negotiations with the lawyer, we agreed on legal fee of 20% of the payment for legal services rendered. We grudgingly accepted since we had no option.Then after several months, I was invited for a meeting in which I was told that all the documents(including the 4 counter-part copies) I signed with Barrister O.K. Chinda were missing and that I have to sign another set of documents(MOU), but this time with another lawyer named Barrister Chinye. I then asked why not Chinda. And they said Chinda was now the Commissioner for Environment, and therefore a public servant, therefore cannot enter into such an agreement with me. I said no problem, but that there would have to be a clause which will obliterate or supersede the missing documents, considering that the new MOU was now to be executed by a different party. That was where the problem started. They vehemently refused to such a clause, despite agreeing with me that the different parties will mean two different & separate agreements!, and that the concomitant effect is that I will be paying 40% to the two separate legal consultants. It was at this point that the deal fell-through and we fell apart. This is basically why I was never paid, until sometime in 2014(6 years later), the then Governor Rotimi Amaechi graciously approved my payment to the then full commercial value of #142b. Despite the approval by Governor Amaechi, RSG officials refused to pay into my company(DEPCO) bank account with IBTC. They simply moved the sum of #142b(without the Governor’s knowledge) to a suspense account within the same Access Bank and refused to inform me of the payment! Between the time in 2014, when the #142b was paid into the suspense account and by 2016, when the said #142b was transferred to Dubai, in my personal name as the Managing Director, the interest on the capital had built up to #44.58b. Which is presently in the custody of Access Bank. Since 2016, when the #142b(then at the rate of #197 = $1, amounted to $718m), arrived in the UAE, this same RSG officials have refused to release the funds transfer documents to me, to be able to address the queries put on the funds by the UAE authorities. This is my story of frustration and wickedness by this greedy, avaricious and corrupt RSG officials, headed by Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, who incidentally have been receiving all kinds of awards simply by running on my blueprint, but refusing to pay me my money. Since Governor Wike came to power, all the major policy decisions he has taken, has been based on my blueprint, just as he stole my Beverley Hills Estate design and my land, to build Golf Estate. The present Rivers State Commissioner for Finance(comfi), Mr Fred Kpakol, was recommended in my blueprint, I recommended Governor Wike’s lead lawyers(Emmanuel Ukala(SAN) & Joe Agi(SAN)), when Wike had decided to go Lagos to get Lagos lawyers. All the renovated markets are in my blueprint, the new slaughter is in my blueprint, I introduced Governor Nyesom Wike to the slogan N.E.W. I recommended the biometric audit of civil servants & pensioners in the civil service, which reduced the government wage bill and enabled the government raise the much needed cash for the rehabilitation of pot-holes in the state, which in turn boosted his public support which kept Wike’s morale high during the tribunal trials. Wike lost at the tribunal, lost at the Court of Appeal, but I provided the false flag that enabled Wike to finally win at the Supreme Court. The blueprint was never Wike’s idea, Wike did not sink a single borehole for 8 years as Local Government chairman. When you go to chapter 7 of the blueprint, you will see exactly why Wike won the 2015 gubernatorial election in Rivers State, and by such a wide margin(87%) which I guaranteed him in the blueprint. I must say at this juncture, that I was misled to work against Governor Amaechi, because I never knew he had already paid me. I want to use this medium to render my unreserved apology for working against him and working for Wike, who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sir, I humbly appeal and implore you to assist me to persuade the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), to take up and give my case the required attention and priority it deserves to free me from the clutches of these greedy blackmailers who are bent on and determined to render me completely bankrupt and frustrated, as they intend to fleece me of both my payment and my land. Sir, I want to further humbly request your assistance in nominating and introducing me to a pro-bono lawyer who is credible and a man of high integrity, who should perhaps be a senior advocate of Nigeria(SAN), so as to be able to contain and resist the undue influences and intimidation, and bribery that may mass against him in the course of his discharge of the brief. I, on behalf of DEPCO, I’m willing to sign an MOU, offering up to #2b($6m) to the said SAN. We are willing to accept up to five SAN’s who will come together to form a legal team to pursue the release of this compensation payment at the Federal High Court, Abuja. 1) In order to draw the attention of the Rivers State Government, we’ll need to garnishee the RSG’s allocation with FAAC, to persuade them to comply with section 43 & 44 of the constitution, which the Rivers State Governor swore to uphold and protect. 2) We would proceed to encumber the Golf Estate land, to prevent the RSG from further selling, sharing, apportioning any portion of the undeveloped 80 hectares(1800 plots), and collecting rents on the said Golf Estate during the duration of the suit. 3) That the Federal High Court, Abuja should order the Rivers State House of Assembly, to initiate impeachment proceedings against Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, for the violation of Section 43 & 44 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria(FRN), with respect to the non-payment for the compulsory acquisition of Golf Estate land. Governor Wike is a lawyer who consciously swore to an oath of office, to uphold and protect the sanctity and authority of the Constitution of the FRN, Section 43 and 44 are Fundamental Rights, and whereas, nobody is above the law! I have a short list, though not limited to the following: 1) Professor Awalu Yadudu(SAN), (2) Professor Itsay-Sagay(SAN), (3) Femi Falana(SAN) (4) Saminu Turaki(SAN) (5) Festus Keyamo(SAN) (6) Rotimi Jacobs(SAN) Sir, thank you very much in advance, while expecting a positive response to my humble request. God bless you, my counselor. Respectfully Yours, Emmanuel O. Ejoh C C: The American Embassy, Plot 1075 Diplomatic Drive, Central Business District, Abuja, 900001, Nigeria.


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