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Admission Scandal In SHT Jahun.

Education | Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC))
Reported on 2/2/2018 from Jigawa, Anonymous Reporter

I want to call the attention of this great organization to investigate into the students admission scandals that opened up at school of health technology, jahun jigawa state of nigeria. Among the top official of the institution, many have being engaged in collecting some amount of money from students that fail to pass into the weeding examination and the remaining students who failed to give out the bribe denied to be offered the admission. I hope this will be taken into consideration.


yusha'u idris - 8 months ago


Khamisu mohammed - 7 months ago



comment......i mustapha abdulkarim i wrote an examination and i don't why i could not gate an admission why i wan't an answer shafly


comment......this is my phone 07036658693

Labiru Abdullahi - 6 months ago

comment...... Assalamu-alaikum ladies and gentle men i'm a student for this school right now i'm sitting a weeding exam 018 set my allah bless and protect this school and i pray to almighty allah help me and you to pass our exam #AMEEN


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